Dream Assignments

I’m a consultant and available for hire via my awesome employer House of Test. I’m proficient in a wide variety of testing and security roles, and below is a short list of assignments I really like doing!

Workshop: Security testing for n00bs

This workshop is geared towards developers and other people working in IT, that don’t feel like they have any knowledge in security. In 2 to 4 hours I help you see that you already have a lot of security knowledge, you just haven’t sorted it as such. I will walk you through important key concepts and shine the light on common antipatterns that tend to be branded as “security” but that are actually counter-productive. The format is fun and interactive, and requires active participation from the participants

Workshop: Usable security for your business

This workshop is geared towards non-techies, and will result in some practical tips for easily implementable personal IT security. What happens if an employee’s laptop is stolen? How do I make sure everybody has the access they need, while protecting our secrets? And how can I remember my passwords? At the end of this workshop, I will have busted at least a half dozen myths about security, and risen your company’s password security by at least ten thousand percent.

Both workshops can be done on its own, as a part of your GDPR work or as a mandatory part of ISO 27000.

Assignment: The Great Password Overhaul

I want to help make sure that Access Control Management and Key Management is made easy and usable. I will do security workshops where I educate all staff in good password practices, in a fun, prestigeless way. The bulk of the work, however, would be a holistic analysis of processes and pipelines, making sure that security enables, not blocks, business. I will help in the abolishment of password rotation, and aid in rolling out the use of password managers.

Assignment: Bringing order to chaos

Do you not know where to start? Did the business grow and now the unknown unknowns are becoming a problem? I will get your DevOps processes going while developing and implementing your test strategy in an efficient way.

Assignment: Tester in the Team

Working as an tester embedded in an agile development team. Contribute at the early stage, where it counts! Be a part of a prestigeless work environment, learn from each other and contribute to a culture that truly promotes quality and robustness. I continuously improve your test strategy and set up a smart SecDevOps pipeline.