I’m going to GPN18!


Me at the last Chaos Communications Congress, 34c3.

Tomorrow I will head over to Germany to attend Gulaschprogrammiernacht and give one talk and one workshop. It’s going to be so much fun! I hope to meet so many awesome new people! Four times I’ve been to the Chaos Communications Congress, and I’ve been told GON is the same but smaller. I hope to learn tons of new stuff, and I will wear my LED wearables as much as I can 🙂


Talk: That time my great grandfather didn’t die

My talk will open with a 100 year old ship accident where all 24 people aboard died. The cause of the accident was simple: going into a storm with lots of loose cargo on deck, the boat was top loaded and thus had bad stability in the storm. Top loading a boat is bad practice, yet it was common practice to put cargo on deck in order to save time, effort and money. The shipping company even had a bonus system further incentivising going fast over being safe. Despite this, the accident was blamed on the captain, not the company.

Shipping has always been a risky business – in the olden days as much as a third of the seamen on a East India trip would die. It wasn’t until the invention of containerization that life at sea got really safe, because then for the first time it was both easy and economical to load a boat according to best practices.

I would like to argue that the IT business still is in its Wild West era, and that we are in for a huge clean-up. I will also go through how I think that the new privacy law GDPR is an awesome tool to aid us into producing robust, secure software for the future.

Workshop: The making of ada_conf

Last fall, me and my friend Ester Daniel Ytterbrink founded a conference – ada_conf. In this session I will share the our success factors and failures, whereafter we together will find out how to make your best ideas for meetups and conferences come true!