What is a fork bomb?

I have a tattoo on my arm that looks like this:

:() { :|:& };:

What is that? Well, type it into your terminal and see for yourself! (no seriously, don’t do that. It’s a virus).

What? Why on Earth would you tattoo a virus, you say? Well, for the same reason that I once implanted an NFC chip into my hand.  The concept intrigues me.

This virus, the forkbomb, is old. It exploits a very simple concept in Unix-like systems. It doesn’t look dangerous, and thus it is underestimated. And no matter how much we harden our computer systems, there will always be one fundamental flaw to exploit: underestimation. Famous last words: What could possibly go wrong?

Building robust, quality systems is a quesion of mind set. It’s a question of prestigelessness, agility, creativity, and domain knowledge. I put knowledge last, because although it at first glance might seem like the most important thing, being technically skilled means very little if we have to fight battles every day to be able to be productive at all.